Shell & Tube


Shell & Tube

The shell & tube heat exchangers offered are of the type required by many different industries for water/water, oil/water, steam/water and compressed air/water duties.

These shell & tube heat exchangers are available in 1, 2, and 4 pass configurations in sizes from 2″ diameter and 10″ tube length; up through 6′ diameter in weights up to 100 tons. They can be supplied in both removable and non-removable tube bundles. In addition, both ASME and non ASME code models are available– constructed with various materials and tube sizes to suit the individual customers specifications.

We offer a complete range of industrial cooling equipment including: Rocore Industries; Standard Air & H20-cooled models; Kelvion PHE Systems/Rainey standard and custom spiral-fin multi-circuit radiators; Technical Heat Transfer custom Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers; plus Kelvion PHE Systems standard & custom Plate/Frame Heat Exchangers.

Utilizing our product knowledge and experience, we provide the optimum selection and/or options for our customers. Important benefits include:

  • Rocore Shell & Tube and Oil/Air, H20/Air & Air/Air units
  • The most standard models, horizontal or vertical Core & low noise
  • Up to 100 ton in size Technical Heat Transfer ASME Code Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Replacement Technical Heat Transfer Tube Bundles & In-situ repairs @ ASME “R”
  • Technical Heat Transfer Feedwater Heaters, Condensers, Evaporators, Deaerators
  • Technical Heat Transfer custom units @ H.E.I. & TEMA, many types of materials & tubes
  • Standard & special materials, Kelvion PHE Systems API or ASME Code Radiators
  • ASME Code, Kelvion PHE Systems Special Materials, Clog-resistant Plate/Frame units
  • Technical Heat Transfer Non-corosive Cooling Towers

For more information, visit the Rocore Heat Exchangers Brochure.