The generators offered are by YANAN POWER GENERATION for individual power generation, typically diesel or natural gas engine driven or by Steam or Combustion Turbine on both stationary land-based and marine applications.

Yanan was established in 1991, employs 520 and has company area of 60,000 square meters with manufacturing area of 50,000 square meters.

Yanan utilizes ERP logistic management and Auto CAM, Auto CAD & Pro-E design software. Yanan also manufacturers Generators from .65 KW to 1000 KW, Electric Motors from 1/8 HP to 270 HP; plus AC DC Pumps from .5″ to 5″ Connection Sizes.

SLG Series, Brush-less, (4) Pole, Synchronous Alternator Available ratings range from: 8 KW to 3760 KW @ 1800 RPM in single and dual bearing designs. Units comply with: UL-1446 winding insulation system, also UL1004 up thru 365 KW @ 3/60/480VAC, ISO9001, 14000 & 18000 quality standards, NEMA MG1-22, IEC34, CSA C22.2-100, AS1359, VDE0530, GB755, Third Part of BS 5000, GS/TUV, CE, SONCAP, CCS.

SLG Series features 2/3 winding pitch to effectively eliminate Third Harmonic Wave, (3rd, 9th, 15th), of the Voltage—which is Best Design for UPS and Non-Linear Loading. We also use Continuous Damper Windings to Abate Surges. These units meet THF (defined by 40th part of BS4999) <=2%. TIF (defined by ASAC50.12) <=50. PMG Excitation is available option. RFI Noise Filter is also available. These units are also available in (2) Pole version rated from 12.5 – 37.5 KW @ 3600 RPM 3 Phase & 8 KW to 24.8 KW 1 Phase.

In addition we offer the standard GA Series, 2 Pole Brush-less, Synchronous design which include standard Junction Box with Voltmeter & Frequency Meter, available in 10, 15 & 20 KW @ 1.0 P.F. models @ 3600 RPM.

Yanan will also provide “Private-Labeled” Alternators to Generator Set OEM’s who agree to purchase in reasonable quantities. Custom “M-G” Sets are also designed and supplied as required.

400 Hertz Alternators are also available on standard & custom basis for Aircraft Industry and have been tested and approved to meet most stringent U.S. Military Harmonics and Overload standards.

Yanan Automatic Voltage Regulators are also available for +/- .5% to 1.5% Accuracy, for both Self-Excited and Permanent Magnet Generator Excited models. Both for Analog and Digital Inputs and for Paralleled Generators also.

In-house Alternator manufacturing equipment includes: Vertical Lathe, Boring Lathe, Medium Frequency Induction Heater, Vacuum Varnish System, VPI), Auto-Electrostatic Painting System, Tape Approval Testing System, Turn to Turn Insulation Testing Equipment, High Precision Balancer and over (40) sets of Testing Equipment.

Yanan’s products come in more than 20 series, over 200 products and are sold to more than 50 countries World-wide.