The types we offer are for cooling Industrial Stationary Equipment such as Engine-Generators, in either a “Remote” version with own fan & TEFC motor; or own fan driven by stubshafts on engine flywheel, or fan on engine. These are of oval, welded brass tube/copper plate fin core construction with heavy-duty steel frame & tanks. They are for H2O or H2O/Ethylene Glycol cooling with ambient air. Smaller types with stamped metal or plastic tanks of medium or light construction for use cooling engine jacket water are also furnished. Other designs are available in heavy-duty remote configurations of copper or steel round tube/aluminum plate fin core construction with removable top tank & removable turbulators to allow tube inspection & cleaning for oil cooling. These are typically used for hydraulic cooling of machine tools, metal processing equipment and or rock crushing plants. Charge Air, compressed air and combination compressed air/oil cooling for screw type compressors is efficiently cooled also. Cores are also provided.

Large round tube plate fin and round tube spiral wrapped fin construction designs, with heavy-gauge, welded steel frames in vertical or horizontal versions are also available to cool single or multi-circuit engines, gas coolers for land-fills, pipelines, petro-chemical plants etc. High pressure, high temperature as well as API, ASME and other codes are regularly complied with.