TECHNICAL HEAT TRANSFER – Aftercoolers, H2O & Air Cooled, Non-Code; 2″ thru 10″, Fixed Bundle, Non-Code

TECHNICAL HEAT TRANSFER – Aftercoolers, H2O & Air Cooled, Code; Removable Bundle Heat Exchangers ASME; Code, Replacement & REtube of Feedwater Heaters and Condensers

Modine, Horizontal and Vertical Cores

H.ERTEL, INC. – Closed Loop Cooling Systems

Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers

ALCAD STANDBY POWER, State-of-Art range of Nickel- Cadmium Batteries, including:

1. Sintered Pocket Plate
2. Vantex “Maintenance Free”
3. “Slim” Most compact type

All have 20+ Year Life and NO “SUDDEN DEATH” Failures like Lead Acid typically subject their Users to. Also have Major U.S. Stocking & Service Facility, plus complete range of Racks, Spill Basins, Enclosures; plus (5) Year Warranty Filtered Output Battery Chargers.

View Batteries & Chargers page

FLUID POWER ENERGY, INC. – Three-way Thermostatic Valves; Air/Oil Separator Filters; Air Intake Shut Off Valves

Generator Set Control Panels; Gas Diesel Engine Turbine Control Panels; Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear; Custom Annunciators; Marine and Emergency Switchboards; Microprocessor-Based Control Panels; Motor Control Centers; Distribution Panel Boards; Automatic & Manual Transfer Switches; AC & DC, Up to 5000 Amps & 27 KV, LV & MV Enclosed Generator Breakers. Electrical Controls & Components

NELSON-GT & SILEX – Spark Arrestors & Silencers; Connectors, Mtg. Brackets, Raincaps

CATALYTIC EXHAUST PRODUCTS – Catalytic Exhaust Purifiers, Particulate Filters

CAIN INDUSTRIES – Hot Water and Steam Generator types; ASME Code/National Board Construction; For engines and gas turbines, up to 7MW; Optional soot blowers, boiler feedwater treatment/makeup systems

NELSON-GT & SILEX – Residential, Critical, Super Critical & Extreme Grade Engine Exhaust Silencers– up to 50+ dBA Noise Reduction. Cylindrical, “Hockey Puck”, Rectangular & Compact, plus with “Oxi-Catalyst or DPF in Combination– including SCR in Complete Package as required.”

Automatic, Non-Auto Electric Operated & Manual; 10-4000 Amp, 120V to 38KV, Open & Closed Transition, Soft Load; Service Entrance Rated, Sub-Cycle Transfer, Peak Shave Switches; Bypass-Isolation, Drawout in Low & Medium Voltage; Agricultural Industrial @ UL-1008, Micro-processor Logic; Non-Fusible, Double-throw, Manual Transfer Switches

RENK AG INDUSTRIAL GEAR DIVISION – High Speed/Turbo Gearboxes @ API-613, AGMA & DIN; Standard & Custom Gear Drives & Transmissions; Precision Ground, Hobbed, Carburized, Nitrided; Helical, Bevel & Spur with Axial Sleeve & Tilted Pad Bearings; For Marine, Military & Off-Highway Engine Drives

RENK-RHEINE DIV. “RA-FLEX” COUPLINGS – Flexible & Rigid Couplings; Multiple Disc, Contoured Diaphram & Gear types; @ API-610 & 671 and AGMA plus DIN standards; Torque Overload Limited, Quill Shaft; Reduced Bending Moment, Integral Flanged; Torsionally SOft ELCO Elastomeric

A.I.T. (AMER INDUSTRIAL TECH., INC.) – Nuclear Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels

BERNOULLI – Self-Cleaning, Non-Corrosive, Main Plant H20, Automatic Filters

EJCON – Expansion Joints & Dampers, Metal, Elastomeric, Fabric & Metal Ductwork


NELSON-GT & SILEX – Engine & Turbine Exhaust Silencers, Flexs, Thimbles, Catalysts & SCR

H. ERTEL, INC. – Shell & Tube, Condensers & Feed Water Heaters

PROCO – Rubber, PTFE, Metal, Check Valve Expansion Joints, & Braided Flexible Metal Connectors

STORAGE BATTERY SYSTEMS – Batteries, UPS Systems, Battery Chargers

THS – “The Energy Tank”, Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers, Chilled Water Units, Cooling Towers, Tube Bundles, Closed Loop Cooling Systems, Pump Stations

Technical Heat Transfer – Aftercoolers, H20 & Air-cooled, ASME Code Sec. VIII, Fixed & Removable Bundle Heat Exchangers, Replacement Tube Bundles & Retubes, Feedwater Heaters, Turbine L.O.C.’s, Hydrogen Coolers, Condensers, Bearing O.C.’s, C.C.W. Heat Exchangers, Deaerators, Evaporators, Economizers, Intercoolers & Engine J.W. Coolers.

BERNOULLI – Main Sea H20 Inlet, Self-Cleaning, Automatic Water Filters

EJCON – Expansion Joints & Dampers Fabric & Metal Ducting

Modine Air Coolers, Horizontal and Vertical Cores

NELSON-GT & SILEX – Exhaust Silencer/Spark Arrestors, Thimbles & Catalysts

For USCG, U.S. Navy, H20, Steam or Flashed Vapor Operated, Fresh H20 Heated

Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers

PROCO – Rubber @ ABS, PTFE, Metal, Check Valve Expansion Joints, & Braided Flexible Metal Connectors, for Liquid, Steam & Air Ventilation Ducts @ U.S. Navy

ALCAD STANDBY BATTERIES – Ni-Cads, Gel-Cell, Battery Systems and Chargers

THS – “The Energy Tank”, Shell & Coil Heat Exchangers, Chilled Water Units, Cooling Towers, Tube Bundles, Closed Loop Cooling Systems, Pump Stations.

IEM MARINE – Main Propulsion Switchboards, Emergency Gen-set Control Switch-gear + Switchboards, Engine Generator Control Panels, Integrated Shore Power Systems, Motor Control Panels, Coordination Study