Gas Coolers


Gas Cooler

The Gas Coolers offered are either Kelvion air cooled @ ASME Code and/or API 661 standard or Technical Heat Transfer shell & tube in compliance with ASME Code Section VIII and/or TEMA C or R standards. All are custom in design, available for pressures in excess of 5000 PSIG. Shell & tube units are available over 6′ in shell diameter of up to 100 tons in weight; in either fixed or removable bundle designs. All grades of carbon and stainless steel, along with other corrosion-resistant alloys such as brass, copper-nickels, monel, titanium and proprietary grades can be furnished, along with overlays.

Air-cooled models of standard design and custom are available, for up to (6) cooling circuits–either liquid or gas–in vertical core, horizontal core, “W” type horizontal core, multi-fan units. Both individual spiral wrapped fin/tube designs along with round tube/plate-louvered fin construction for higher efficiency and improved cost are available. Low noise, multi-speed fans with special explosion-proof motor enclosures and variable pitch, thermostatically controlled fans can be furnished for low ambient temperature continuous operation.