About Us


Our Founders – Harold & Lillian Ertel

If it wasn’t for the love, skills and determination of this wonderful couple, (married for 62+ years!!), this business would have never been started or reached such success and longevity.

H. Ertel, Inc. was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer’s representative organization concentrating sales/marketing efforts primarily on heat transfer products for the OEM, industrial and power generation equipment markets.

Since then, we have expanded our product range & expertise to include:

  • Exhaust heat recovery + plate/frame heat recovery HX’s & heat dump radiators
  • Automatic transfer switches, generator switchgear & marine switchboards
  • Engine and gas turbine inlet and exhaust silencers + exhaust catalysts/SCR systems
  • Synchronous generator ends & M-G sets
  • Thermostatic temperature control valves & oil centrifuge/recycling skids
  • Fuel storage day tanks, sub-bases, pumping/control skids & main fuel tanks
  • Other mechanical & electrical accessories for engines, generators & compressors used in these same industries.

H. Ertel, Inc. is a full-service organization committed to unequalled customer responsiveness. Our full-time product application personnel possess over 90 years experience in heat transfer and many of these above listed types of equipment as well.

It is Very Typical for H. Ertel, Inc. to provide complete solution packaged quotations for:

1. Remote engine cooling radiator/charge air cooler/piping kit/surge tanks/fan control panel/auxiliary pump.

2. Exhaust silencer/blanket/flexs + exhaust catalysts & SCR kits if required.

3. Engine exhaust heat recovery systems w/ heat dump remote radiator/heat recovery plate HX/thermo-static control valves/auxiliary exhaust silencer & catalysts if required.

4. Fuel storage day tank or sub-base & remote pumping skid, remote fill station & main fuel storage tank.

This application know-how is combined with our courteous full-time Order Entry/Customer Service staff to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction for our many loyal customers. This continues seamlessly from pre-inquiry stage on thru to shipment and start-up.