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ALCAD Nickel-Cadmium Batteries & Chargers

Company was originally formed in 1918. ALCAD LTD. Offers an extensive range of Advanced Battery Systems; designed to deliver Power, Safety and Reliability. ALCAD’s unrivalled advantages are:  Cutting-edge technology products, global reach of services and uncompromising focus on quality.

These include Maximum-life Battery/Rack/Charger Systems with: NICKEL-CADMIUM Single Cell, Pocket Plate for Low, Medium & High Discharge Rates, flame arresting top vent, steel pocket plate structure prevents “Sudden Death†or Internal Corrosion Failures. Very Long Shelf Life, 20+ Years Warranty and typical Life Expectancy.  Best Design for High Discharge Engine Starting duty.

VANTEX Maintenance-Free—Perfect Fit replacement for Lead-Acid on Medium & Low Discharge Rate applications like: UPS’s, Substation Switch-gear, Process Control Systems, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm. 20+ Year Life. Charges at same 1.39 & 1.45 V/Cell as Lead Acid Battery Chargers, Same Size as Lead Acid, Fast Re-charge rate. Minimal servicing required—only preventative maintenance needed.

SLIM Minimum Size, 20+ Year Life Alternative to Lead-Acid VRLA. Maintenance Free, Higher Charger Efficiency, Low Pressure Venting = Lower H20 consumption. Outstanding Energy Density, up to 100 Wh/I. No “Sudden Death†or Thermal Runaways. No Topping Off needed in recommended operating range. Ideal for Railway Signalling, Infrastructure, trackside signals, switches, public safety barriers.

BATTERY CHARGERS, (5) Year Warranty, 12VDC – 130VDC Output, 208V – 600V @ 50 or 60Hz Input; Alarm Assembly with Local LED’s + Summary Relay Contact, Float/Equalizer Selector Switch, Input & Output MOV Surge Suppressors, AC Input & DC Output Circuit Breakers, Forced Load Share during parallel operation, Reverse Polarity protection via free-wheeling diodes, Self Diagnostics. CSA, UL, Seismic qualified Cabinet option, ABS or CE certification available.

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