Charge Air Coolers

Rocore Industries Charge Air Coolers

The Rocore Industries charge air coolers offered by H. Ertel, Inc. are used to cool the exhaust gas air used with “Turbo Charged” diesel engines.

These heat exchangers are commonly referred to as “CAC” are used to cool intake air to the turbo charger. This results in increased performance and economy, plus lower harmful exhaust emissions. They are mounted in front of radiator and are cooled by the engine driven fan.

With the introduction of EPA Tier 2, 3 & 4 engines being used on generator sets; in response to requests by H. Ertel Inc., Rocore has developed a standard range of Remote Charge Air Coolers, complete with vertical Stand, for mounting in front of Engine; with a Remote CAC Piping Kit, (S.S. pipe in correct size & length to connect between Engines Turbo-Compressor Discharge and CAC Inlet, plus between CAC Outlet and Engine Air Intake. This Piping Kit is designed on a per engine basis with use of CAD Engine Drawing to insure exact fit. It also includes flexible connectors to attach piping to CAC and to Engine & Turbo connections.